Did You Go To The Emergency Room?

After you have been injured in an accident, if the only care you received, was provided by the hospital, you may be risking prolonged or permanent damage to your health. Why? Simple! Emergency Rooms do a great job at identifying and treating broken bones, severe cuts, or life threatening conditions, and we’re very grateful for the work they do. They will tell you, however, that they are not set up to treat the most common connective tissue injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents and you may still be in danger of suffering long-term damage.

The 1st Care Doctors are specialists in diagnosing and treating these exact types of injuries, and we  provide the documentation you need to receive the cash settlement you deserve.

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The Driver Who Caused the Accident Left the Scene or Had No Insurance?

At 1st Care, we have decades of experience working with motor vehicle collisions, and in many cases we can find insurance coverage to get you the care you need and cash settlement for your injuries. Let us help you. Call 203-288-7300

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Get Care or File A Claim?

Legal experts have stated that insurance companies cannot raise your premiums when you file a claim for an accident that was not your fault, and if you were at fault, your rates may rise just due to the accident. The bottom line, get the care you need. Call us. 203-288-7300

When Should I Contact An Accident Injury Attorney?

You should always seek proper treatment following an accident. Not only should your health should be your top priority, “Delay In Treatment,” is a leading reason that insurance companies deny accident claims or reduce settlement offers. The longer the delay, the more problems there can be, so call now for a consultation.

An experienced accident injury attorney can help you get satisfactory legal and financial outcomes from your accident. At 1st Care, we have worked closely and successfully with many attorneys over the years.

If you need a lawyer for your specific case, we can help you find an attorney that will match your legal needs. Call now. 203-288-7300

What About the Cost of My Accident Treatment?

1st CARE Rehabilitation accepts attorney based liens, as well as coverage from many insurance carriers.  We may even be able to guarantee coverage through the 3rd party (that is, the at-fault party‘s insurance company). Depending on your personal situation, it is very possible that you may receive the treatment you need at NO DIRECT COST TO YOU. So call today and speak to one of our insurance specialists. We’ll help to determine what options you have, and get you started with the treatment you need. Call 1st Care 203-288-7300

What If I am Unable to Drive After My Accident?

1st CARE may be able to arrange transportation for patients who cannot drive due to their injuries. Just call us and explain your personal situation, and we’ll help you find a suitable transportation solution, so that you can get to treatment. Call today. 203-288-7300

Do I Need a Referral To 1st Care?

No. A referral is not necessary. You can choose to get care here directly. We can work in conjunction with your Primary Care Doctor, as we do in many cases, but you can decide. Call 1st Care. 203-288-7300

It has been a while since the accident. Can I Go To 1st Care?

Don’t wait any longer to get care. Many patients continue to experience an increase in pain levels during the days and weeks after suffering an accident. This can result from a build-up of inflammation, nerve irritation, spasm or painful scar tissue around the injured area. Without treatment, these can remain or even worsen and become permanent. In addition, further delay in care can cause insurance companies to deny accident claims or reduce settlement offers.  1st Care’s Specialists deliver the best care available. Call. 203-288-7300

Why Choose 1st Care Specialists?

  • Letters of Protection Accepted
  • Fast, Gentle Pain Relief Care
  • Orthopedist, Chiropractor, & Physical Therapist services on site
  • Rehabilitation & Exercise Programs
  • Certification in Impairment Ratings in accordance with the American Medical Association Guides, 5th Edition
  • On site Digital X-Ray
  • MRI & CT Referrals & Interpretation
  • Computerized Range of Motion Assessment
  • Computerized Strength Testing
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Expert Testimony for Trials, Hearings, and Depositions
  • A network of specialists familiar with Med-Legal cases