Injury claim

Working With Your Employer and Worker’s Compensation


Do you need a doctor that treats work-related injuries? Often, there can be added pressure involved when you are injured at work. There can be pressure from your job to downplay the injury, pressure from your family to return to work too early, as well as the emotional and financial strains from a work-related accident. Call 1st Care today to speak with a doctor who understands your injury. We understand the pressure you may be feeling.

We will work with your employer, specifically with the workers compensation and human resources departments, to obtain pre-approval for any visit and help you set up any claims necessary.  In most cases, your care may be free of charge to you.  We also convenient hours so you can return to work when you are ready while still continuing the necessary care until you’ve fully recovered.

We are also certified for impairment ratings, so if your injuries do not heal completely, you can seek the cash compensation you deserve.

Under the law, any time you are injured at work, you are entitled to get treatment wherever you wish, so your employer cannot force you to treat with the company doctor or use your own insurance. Remember, at 1st Care, we have your back.