I Was Injured in a Bus Accident

We specialize in treatment for injuries caused by bus accidents. The laws regarding these types of accidents are very specific, and the funds to pay for treatment or case settlement may be limited, so Do Not Wait! Call (203) 288-7300 now to schedule a free consultation with 1st Care doctors.

  • Fast, Gentle Pain Relief Care
  • Orthopedist & Chiropractor services on site
  • Letters of Protection Accepted
  • Certification in Impairment Ratings in accordance with the American Medical Association Guides, 5th Edition
  • On site Digital X-Ray
  • MRI & CT Referrals & Interpretation
  • Computerized Range of Motion Assessment
  • Computerized Strength Testing
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Expert Testimony for Trials, Hearings, and Depositions
  • A network of specialists familiar with Med-Legal cases

Did you know that a even a low speed auto collision can cause substantial pain and injury to your spine? If you have been injured in during any type of traffic incident – regardless of the severity of your accident injuries – contact one of our 1st Care Injury Doctors. Call us to speak with a specialist, or to schedule an appointment.